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The Ghosts of Meenambakkam: A novella by Ashokamitran, Translated by N Kalyan Raman, PRH India

One dark and stormy night, Dalpathado unexpectedly crosses paths with the narrator at Meenambakkam airport. The faceless, middle-aged man from Dalpathado’s past is there mourning the unexpected of his daughter in a plane crash. After they spend a night in each other’s company, lashed by rain and reminiscence, neither man remains the same.

The Ghosts of Meenambakkam is a meditation on the violence that detonates human lives and the idea of love that endures all mayhem, even in death.

‘The translation is top notch and smooth, and as someone who can speak Tamil, I could detect a connect with the source language in the translation style.’ Kartik in



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