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Interviews/discussions held with N Kalyan Raman

‘Life and Afterlife of Literary Translation’ – Conversation with Mohini Gupta of Mother Tongue Twisters, held on 17 September 2020

‘Poonachi – A Story of Our Times’ – Anita Nair in conversation with Perumal Murugan, N Kalyan Raman and Kannan Sundaram on 27 January 2019 at the Jaipur Literature Festival

Book Launch of ‘The Goat Thief’ on 03 November 2017. TM Krishna in conversation with Perumal Murugan and N Kalyan Raman

‘Only a fraction of worthy modern Tamil books have been translated, says N Kalyan Raman’ Interview with Urvashi Bahuguna in, published on November 04, 2018

‘A translation can only be as good as the translator’ Interview with Bhumika Popli, published in Sunday Guardian on April 2018

Interview with Aishwarya Sahasrabudde on Poomani’s ‘Heat’, published in on Nay 31, 2019

Conversation with Suchitra Ramachandran for Asymptote Journal, published on June 25, 2018

Are translations the next big thing? Conversation on the craft of translation with Ramjee Chandran on The Literary City podcast

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