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Still Bleeding from the Wound by Ashokamitran, translated by N Kalyan Raman, Penguin Random House In

A perfect amalgam of irony, wit and wry humour, Still Bleeding from the Wound is a collection of stories from the greatest living Tamil writer. Ashokamitran’s deceptively simple narratives take the reader deep into the poignant struggles waged by ordinary middle-class men and women for survival, dignity and a hint of moral grace. His nuanced prose is richly diverse in the range of characters and situations they portray, marking him as a master storyteller of our times.

“Kalyan Raman’s sensitive translations have captured these contours [of Ashokamitran’s writings] most effectively . His keen attention toward changes in register, and a courageous hand in translating certain colloquialisms are praiseworthy . The choice of retaining several words in the original Tamil to convey the right flavour is admirable, and the glossary is helpful as well. Furthermore, he has been a close observer of Ashokamitran’s craft, and is a practiced and experienced hand at rendering the latter into English. Kalyan has succeeded exceptionally in translating Ashokamitran —the stories as well as the silences.” Naresh Keerthi in The Times of India

‘N Kalyan Raman’s translation is so smooth and nuanced that at no point did I feel that I am reading the book in translation. I can only imagine how much more moving Ashokamitran’s writing would be in the original.’ Supriya Sharma in Hindustan Times



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