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Mansarovar by Ashokamitran, translated by Kalyan Raman, Penguin Random House India

Set in Chennai of the early 1960s, Manasarovar is a profound meditation on the human quest for faith and inner peace.

Ashokamitran examines the finite human capacity to deal with pain and sorrow and the need for redemption if life is to go on. And in so doing, he etches a fascinating portrait of the times, with a cast of characters that includes, among others, Pandit Nehru and Meher Baba, the silent mystic.

‘Brilliantly translated from the Tamil original by N Kalyan Raman, Manasarovar establishes Ashokamitran as one of the most outstanding writers of contemporary Tamil literature.’

‘N Kalyan Raman has been painstakingly faithful to the original and has captured even the fine nuances and flavour of the ethos and dialect reflected in the Tamil original. This is his fourth Ashokamitran translation.’ Seline Augustne, The Hindu

‘Perhaps thanks to Ashokamitran’s own lyricism, the translator has been able to retain the dreamy quality of the narrative, choosing words that give root to the diaphanous ideas he plays with.’ Nandini Krishnan in The New Indian Express

Manasarovar was shortlisted for the Vodafone Crossword Book Award 2010 in Translation category.



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