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At The Cusp of Ages by Vaasanthi translated by N Kalyan Raman, IndianWriting

At the Cusp of Ages is a story of women at a crossroads – where millennia meet and disperse. It is a story of women – abject, intimidated, absurd and betrayed. It is also about women who refuse to accept male domination as an inevitable way of life. It is about the fragility of our ‘secular’ fabric, about how at times of crisis even those we believe we love become suspect in our eyes

Vaasanthi is a renowned author and journalist who writes in English and Tamil. She has been writing in Tamil for more than forty years and has published thirty novels, six short-story collections and four travelogues. Her books in English include Cut-outs, Caste and Cine Stars: The World of Tamil Politics; Amma: Jayalalithaa’s Journey from Movie Star to Political Queen; The Lone Empress: A Portrait of Jayalalithaa; and Rajinikanth: A Life. Her works in Tamil have been translated into Malayalam, Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, English, Norwegian, Czech and Dutch. Two of her novels have been made into films in Malayalam.

Recipient of many awards for her writing, Vaasanthi was the editor of the Tamil edition of India Today for nearly in ten years in Chennai. Now a freelance writer and journalist, she lives in Delhi.



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